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DHL Express introduces a new cargo bike: The Chariot

Couriers develop new industry standard with Cargo Cycling

March 3, 2021

Schiphol: DHL has further developed the body of the Chariot cargo bike with bicycle manufacturer Cargo Cycling and ‘decorated’ the bicycle completely according to its own wishes. The bicycle is seen as the new industry standard for parcel delivery by bicycle. The Chariot, after the Roman chariot, will replace DHL’s existing cargo bikes. Express parcel recipients in our capital have the scoop; from today DHL Express will deliver parcels to the city center. In the first phase, 36 Chariots will be deployed in more than 6 cities, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, The Hague and Leiden.

DHL has been using the bicycle for 20 years and has previously been involved in designs and modifications, which resulted in the Parcycle and Cubicycle. DHL bicycle couriers in Groningen and Utrecht have worked intensively with the designers of Cargo Cycling in recent months to develop their ultimate container for small-sized goods, such as parcels. This new cargo bike is now being marketed by Cargo Cycling as a new industry standard. DHL couriers themselves supplied the first sketches of the container on the basis of which this specific model was designed. “The bicycle has really been developed on 21 points to allow the bicycle courier to do his work optimally. We think that with its robustness and quality, the Chariot can really make a difference in last-mile delivery, ”says Luuk Nijland of Cargo Cycling.

The Chariot is robust and manoeuvrable at the same time; the turning circle is 4.7 meters, so that the courier can easily turn on the street. The bicycle courier also has a clear view all around to keep in touch with other road users. The container is located behind the courier and has a capacity of 1500 liters; In comparison, the Cubicycle that can be seen as a predecessor can transport 1000 liters. The bin, equipped with LED lighting, has compartments that can be arranged for optimal loading and is accessible via two reinforced side doors, with a separate drawer for small packages. The bin is equipped with double electric locks. The bicycle is equipped with an extra strong and lowered steel frame and has a powerful pedal support that gives an extra push when starting off. On the handlebar is a special holder for a mobile phone or scanner that can also clearly and safely display the route to the next stop. In addition, the Chariot has walking position support so that the bicycle courier can easily walk with the bicycle in a pedestrian zone.

“This Chariot is the next big step on our way to emission-free delivery,” says Ronald Leunisse, Managing Director of DHL Express Netherlands. “DHL is a global leader in green logistics. By 2025, we want to provide 70% of our own “first and last mile” worldwide with clean vehicles such as bicycles and electric cars. An ambitious goal that requires smart solutions. This Chariot is a good example of this. This cargo bike, developed in the Netherlands, will also be used in other countries. A compliment to everyone who contributed to the development of this Chariot ”.

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