A reliable bike starts with sustainable, robust constructions and qualitative materials. However, we believe that a successful bicycle delivery consists of more than just a reliable bike. Maintenance and management are playing a big part and make sure that our bicycles stay on the road eventually.

The production of our bicycles is characterized by using solid materials and right constructions. Ease of maintenance and user-friendliness are intertwined. Our bicycles are constructed in such a way that they are easy to use and adjustable for a correct sitting position. Also, the maintenance will be easy to track. By paying attention to the total bicycle delivery concept, we are capable to keep the Total Cost of Ownership as low as possible.

Our bikes are designed based on 3 principles



Robust and sustainable constructions are central to the reliability of the bicycle. The use of solid materials make sure that our bikes are long lasting. Consciously chosen aspects in the design, for example drainage channels and modular components, contribute to this. In addition, our bicycles are designed in such a way that service can be carried out easily and focused. User-friendliness can be found in the finish of the bike. For example, the cargo boxes contain lightning and the handles are specified per model, for proper maneuverability.



In the development of our bicycles, we take automatic and electric, but also removable parts into account for maintenance and user-friendliness. For example, the automatic chain tensioner and optional electronic locks offer extra convenience and the wheels are easily removable due to the double suspension. Removable cable trays ensure that simple maintenance can be carried out quickly. In addition, our bikes can be equipped with a black box with GPS. This offers protection against theft and the possibility for data exchange with a service and maintenance party. This way, they know when maintenance is due and can be responded to early.



Our bikes are designed so that drivers can make their kilometers carefree and safe on every journey. This is characterized by a reliable bike and the attention for maintenance and user-friendliness. All bicycles can be adjusted to the length of the rider, paying attention to the correct sitting position. High volume deliveries are made easy and comfortable due to the strong and sophisticated electrical support. It is also possible to use an extra function, which can be operated manually with the thumb, making it easy to move a heavily loaded cargo bike. Through the black box, driver’s behavior can be monitored and adjusted where needed. Everything to make bicycle delivery as optimal and friendly as possible.