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Chariot FS1Chariot FS1Chariot FS1

Chariot FS1

Discover the Chariot FS1, the next generation e-cargo trike designed to effortlessly transport large volumes (up to 2000 liters) and heavy loads (up to 250 kg payload). This impressive Chariot combines the convenience of a regular e-bike with the capacity of a cargo bike. With years of experience and actual usage data as the foundation, we guarantee that the new Chariot FS1 meets the highest expectations of fleet managers and riders.

Carries up to 2000 liters!

  • Extreme heavy duty hydraulic disc brakes 
  • IoT module (Optional)
  •  Strong custom made steel frame 
  • Chariot FS1


This stable tricycle is suitable for volume delivery. With a possible 1000-liter cargo box, a lot of volume can be transported. Even when the bicycle is heavy loaded, getting on and off, cycling away or moving the bicycle remains very simple. This is due to the extra walking function, which can be operated manually with the thumb.

Carries up to 1000 liters!

  • Heavy duty frame
  • Extremely low front frame
  • Walk assist
  • Boxes can simply be changed
  • Containers can be used by the ramp-add on


This friendly tricycle brings every driver to the desired place. Mail, packages and other items are delivered easily in the big cargo box. Getting on and off the bike is simple and by using the extra walking function, which can be operated manually with the thumb, it is made easy to move a heavily loaded cargo bike.

Carries up to 550 liters!

  • High battery capacity
  • Specialized E-drive system including walk assist
  • Easy maintenance by using demountable steel cable trays
  • One size fits all
  • Low entry


Our Courier is characterized by a strong robust frame, specially designed for heavy duty purposes and intensive use. This compact cargo bike is very suitable for fast deliveries, for example food delivery. Together with WorkCycles this model is created. By making use of their expertise and Fr8 model we together have realized the perfect delivery bike. A cargo box can be put both on the front and rear carrier to transport a large volume on a two-wheel bike.

Carries up to 120 liters!

  • Steer stabilizer
  • High torque motor
  • Easy flat tyre swop system for rear wheel
  • High quality steel frame
  • One size fits all

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