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Together with VVCR-Prodrive we introduce the Cargo Cycling driver academy

As Cargo Cycling, we believe in collaboration. We see our bike solutions as a service and we try to do everything we can to help drivers of our bikes get around safely and efficiently. We do this for example by monitoring our bikes, and working with partners to provide maintenance service when we see it is needed. This way we keep the TCO as low as possible.

With the enormous growth of new mobility, we also see that traffic is changing and rules are becoming blurred. To ensure the safety of all road users, we have found a specialist partner in VVCR-Prodrive, who, through data-driven solutions, can lower the TCO for companies and contribute to sustainability and traffic safety in the Netherlands.

Together we are introducing the Cargo Cycling driver academy.
With this, we offer a traffic safety solution entirely focused
drivers of our Cargo Cycling bikes.

The Cargo Cycling Driver Academy consists of:

  • A video training course that uses
    We use conversational learning technology to ensure interaction
    interaction with the user.  
  • A 2-hour 1-on-3 hands-on training session in a parking lot and on public roads.

Topics covered during training include:

  • Traffic rules and safe routes
  • Operation and seating position
  • Energy consumption & charging the cargo bike
  • SAFE principles
  • Driving in darkness and bad weather
  • Acting in case of accident or breakdown
  • Basic driving technique and safe hard braking
  • Position on the road
  • Apply problem-prone driving style
  • Deviating from the rules because the traffic situation requires so
  • Looking, observing, deciding and acting
  • Speed bumps, curbs and other obstacles on the road
  • Maintenance protocol & daily safety checks
  • Dealing with other road users
  • Driving and maneuvering (walking position) the cargobike on a steep slope
  • Loading the cargo bike

We are very happy with this cooperation, because we strive for a reliable and safe delivery. We hope this will improve road safety, both for drivers of our bikes and for other road users.