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More about our collaboration with Dockr

Introducing the DOCKR Cargo Cycling Convy & Chariot.

Perhaps you’ve seen them tearing past; the Convy and Chariot. Two cargo bikes that not only have a large load capacity but are also fast and maneuverable through the inner cities. Together they are perhaps the toughest bikes in our range.

DOCKR x Cargo Cycling
At DOCKR, we are always looking for the best mix of vehicles to optimize our offering. In our search for the best assortment for entrepreneurs who need to be downtown a lot, we work with many specialists in the market. This includes Cargo Cycling, a true Dutch quality brand with its own designers and constructors. Since our collaboration, we have made many entrepreneurs happy with these practical and strong cargo bikes.

Cargo Cycling Chariot
For companies that need to deliver heavier equipment in the city center, the DOCKR Cargo Cycling Chariot is the ideal solution. With its 1,700 liter volume, 350 kg payload and its three wheels, the Chariot is up to any city challenge. But its little brother Convy also gets around with its 550 liters of cargo volume and 150 kg load capacity. Even when you need to get on and off the bike often, the DOCKR Cargo Cycling Chariot and Convy are easy to put down.

Who is Cargo Cycling?
A household name when it comes to the production of sustainable cargo bikes in the Netherlands. Parent company Nijland Cycling has been active for over 30 years and with Cargo Cycling is committed to producing the best sustainable cargo bikes for the last mile delivery. Quality, functionality and innovation are the three core values of this typically Dutch company. Clever techniques, such as the user-friendly RFID lock that allows you to open the container with a card, have ensured that Cargo Cycling has been at the forefront of bicycle deliveries for years.

A collaboration focused on the future
Last mile delivery starts with a reliable bike with durable, robust construction, quality materials and the latest innovations. Luuk Nijland, Product Manager at Cargo Cycling: “I believe that a successful bicycle delivery consists of more than just a reliable bicycle. Maintenance, management and service play a major role and ultimately ensure that the Cargo Cycling bikes can actually be used properly. DOCKR understands this like no other and provides a perfect solution with its business model. In short, a partnership aimed at completely unburdening the customer. That is the future!”

Contributing to a more sustainable city
With calves made of cannonballs, the Last Mile heroes of MOSS also cycle on the DOCKR Cargo Cycling Chariot. The driven bike couriers have made it their mission to deliver packages quickly, safely and responsibly to people’s homes in and around Leiden. Whoever claims to be the fastest, naturally also needs the most maneuverable, fastest and sturdiest cargo bikes. A collaboration was born. Who also included the Chariot in its range, is DOTT, the Belgian provider of electric scooters. Because what better way to replace the batteries of inner-city scooters than with an electric vehicle? Exactly. Two satisfied customers of our beast Chariot.

Choosing a Cargo Cycling today is riding tomorrow
DOCKR has the Cargo Cycling vehicles in stock. Therefore, if you choose a Cargo Cycling from DOCKR today, you can already be driving sustainably tomorrow. A subscription with DOCKR can be cancelled monthly and you are completely free in maintenance. But there are many more advantages to choosing DOCKR. Read what benefits our customers are experiencing.

Cargo Cycling Convy: 550-liter cargo volume.
The “smaller” Convy is perfect if you need to get on and off the bike often. No hassle with a stand, but quick delivery and on again. The large opening at the top gives you easy access to your packages. Because the bike is relatively compact, it’s ideal for healthcare companies, local business owners or ship-from-store companies

  • 25 km/h top speed
  • 550 liter cargo volume
  • 150 kg payload capacity
  • Up to 90 kilometers range.

See how you can ride the Cargo Cycling Convy at DOCKR.

Cargo Cycling Chariot: 1,700 liters cargo volume
The largest Cargo Cycling in the DOCKR range: the Chariot. Maneuverable, but still a lot of loading volume. And very stable thanks to its three wheels. Perfect for local entrepreneurs, such as MOSS and DOTT, but also for companies in construction & technology, healthcare or ship-from-store companies.

  • 25 km/h top speed
  • 1,700 liter cargo volume
  • 350 kg payload
  • Up to 50 kilometers range.

See how you can ride the Cargo Cycling Chariot at DOCKR